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Aikido is a peaceful dynamic martial arts, based on blending with the energy (“Ki”) of an attack and returning harmony and balance. Aikido is designed to bring out one’s full potential for joyful, healthy and successful living.

Aikido’s unique approach is based on protecting the attacker throughout the interaction. This requires one to be in touch with one’s true power based on mind/body unity. This power is called ‘Ki’. Ki is the energy behind all things. When one’s mind and body are unified and in harmony, there is an energy that permeates all our actions, there is an irresistible influence. This is Ki.

Aikido is called the art of ‘non-resistance’ as all desire to attack is dissolved.  Like trying to attack the ocean, it is better to let go and flow with its currents. So beyond the martial art, Aikido becomes the way of flowing with natures’ forces to turn your life into a state of flow.

Victory in Aikido

‘Self-Victory’ includes the study of centering and connecting to your deeper self to bring the master within ourselves out, to be comfortable in all situations or interactions be it in daily life or with 4 or 5 opponents coming to attack.

‘Victory through being in alignment with one’s true path or destiny’. Training then is a way of creating positive momentum and clarity towards one’s true purpose in life.


  • Aerobic fitness
  • Deep suppleness & flexibility (core strength)
  • Grounding & balance
  • Awakening the spiritual warrior within oneself
  • Live life to the full – adventure, harmony & peace