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Empowering Women

Aikido is an excellent practice for women for their health, protection and personal development because it is based on non- resistance and non competition. This means any opposing force can be redirected and resolved without any expense to one who learns this way of harmonizing through least effort.

Aikido is a universal discipline and art. It is vital to realize it is not limited by size, age, gender or perceived ability (or lack of).
In fact, the potential of every human being is infinite, regardless of social or educated perceptions that say otherwise.

The simple reason for this is quite simple. We are all subject to the same laws and principles that govern all life and energy.

Aikido trains with these principles that are a part of our deeper levels of being – revealing our true source of power, capabilities and potential. Ki Development develops this even further with breathing, meditation, precise slow movement techniques. These compliment the more dynamic training of Aikido.

Resolving Conflict

When we connect and tap into this source of our true inner power we soon begin to realize that this universal quality resides equally in every one. Therefore, by using and utilizing these principles correctly, we can resolve any conflict peacefully (yet very effectively) without effort.

Aikido is the practice of evolving our true vitality and success from who we really are to allow us to experience an ever fulfilling life of vibrant and ongoing expression and through realizing our true dreams.

It has been said: “Rather than one searching for enlightenment – one practices it with Aikido”.

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 Posted on : October 4, 2015