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Old Website-med

Well, it’s finally happened! It’s been almost 12 years since the Shin Sen Dojo Tamworth Website was created and this is the first major structural change that has taken place.

Times change and the new theme and format now allows easy browsing via mobile, iPad and other devices. So – in one sense – this appears to be a very new site.

Also, the predominately white theme you may have been accustomed to in the past, has now become the predominately green hue. This now harmonizes with the Shin Sen Sydney (Hombu), Blue Mountains and Auckland New Zealand Websites creating a more unified and gathered Musubi energy of all Shin Sen Dojos.

Please feel free to comment and have your say about the new format or anything else you feel like.

We trust you will enjoy the new format and we will posting regularly to keep you updated on what’s been happening.

Thank you for visiting Shin Sen Dojo Tamworth. Please share if you like and support us.

 Posted on : October 7, 2015
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