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Ki Shiatsu - Flowing RED copy

The Art Of Natural Healing

Certificate Training

Saturday 31st October & Sunday 1st. November


Traditional Dojo Style Training

(Beginners thru to Advanced)

Ki Shiatsu is a powerful and unique Healing Art based on the deepest principles
and understanding of Ki (energy), Oriental Medicine and Philosophy and has
helped thousands of people actualise greater health, including people previously
considered incurable.

Peter Hons has spent 25 years developing the Shin Sen arts of Ki Development,
Aikido, Macrobiotics and Shiatsu, presenting to and training individuals,
corporations and other health professionals throughout NSW and is dedicated to
maintaining these timeless arts now becoming lost or commercialised in the world

Dojo is the traditional name given to places where spiritual, martial and healing arts
were practiced. Shin Sen Dojo is a centre that offers precise and traditional training
in ancient healing, martial and spiritual disciplines and is recognized world wide for
the high quality standards of training and practice.


Traditional Hands on Dojo Style Training includes:

* The art of giving a Ki Shiatsu treatment
* The Philosophy of Oriental Medicine
* The Basic, Intermediate and Advanced form
* Visual & Touch diagnosis for instant and precise health evaluation
* Special techniques for activating Ki flow
* Macrobiotic Nutrition and Medicinal Foods

Feet - Associated Areas clear-2-sml
* Knowing the points (Tsubo) & meridians (energy pathways of the body)
* The profound function of energy, body, emotion and mind
* Ki principles in the art of treatment – circulation, flow and application
* Organic Tao Principles of Healing
* External Body Applications
* How to apply other techniques to maintain health and energy flow

Session Times

One weekend (14 hours)

Saturday and Sunday: 8:00am – 12 noon Afternoons: 1:00pm – 4:00pm

* The first hour of training each day involves Ki Development training, (including
stretching, breathing, meditation, Aiki Taiso body movement and partner warm
up exercises).

Full Year Fee: $320

* $270 if paid in full by 24th October.

* $150 for any one day session only

Venue: Red Cross House, Kable Avenue Tamworth NSW

(next to Tamworth RSL)

* A deposit is required to secure your place.
* No refunds after the first day of the course.
* Course Fees may be paid off over the year under strict guidelines

For bookings and information phone:
Peter Hons: 042 1111 532

or contact us:

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 Posted on : October 16, 2015