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Aikido Kid’s class is one of the most important classes offered in Shin Sen Dojo.

When babies are born they radiate a Ki Energy as they are fresh from the source
of Ki (the Hara). If you play with a baby or small child, you will notice they have
the ability for example to holdtheir arm extended substantially (relative to their
size) without the use of force or struggle.

That is when you can see the evidence of Ki existing in the body in that pure state.

As children grow older most often they lose contact with that original state and
develop conditioned responses to interaction.

In other words they can react in a non-centered way for example with anger,
aggression or conversely feel overwhelmed and withdrawn.


By kids doing Aikido they reconnect to that original energy – we call Ki, and develop
confidence to deal with interaction in a centered way. They can calmly deal with
aggression so as to disarm bullying behavior. They develop group awareness-skills
that teach them the power of inclusiveness and win/win outcomes.

On a physical level they reconnect to their bodies in an active way that increases health,
fitness, suppleness and physical and mental resilience.

Kids Aikido is the way of developing self defense skills and beyond in a focused
concentrated way whilst maintaining relaxed enjoyment and a sense of fun.


The Active After-school Communities program

Free to families community initiative.

The Australian Sports Commission on behalf of the Australian Government has
developed the Active After-school (AASC) program. This initiative aims to improve
the physical activity levels of Australian primary school-aged children through a
nationally co-ordinated after-school hours program.

It provides opportunities for participation in quality, safe, fun and structured physical
activity and games in a safe and secure environment. Local communities have been
identified as significant stake holders in this program, which aims to stimulate their
involvement in sport and to increase participation levels.

AASC Tamworth Times article 2006-med
Peter Hons is an AASC registered deliverer of Aikido since January 2006 and has serviced
schools in and around Tamworth, including:

Westdale Primary School
Tamworth South Primary School
Moonbi Public School
Tintinhull Primary School
Calrossry Primary School
Oxley Vale Public school
Limbri Public School
Quirindi Primary School
Nemingha Public School
Bendemeer Public School
Hillvue Public School
Canteen (Kids with Cancer)


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 Posted on : October 4, 2015