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is a modern enlightened system of training to bring out one’s full potential for joyful,
healthy and successful living.

As a martial art is is absolutely non-aggressive, based on harmonizing with energy of
an attack and returning it to a place of harmony and balance. This is called ‘blending’.
Aikido is the only art in the world that constantly refines this most valuable skill. Blending
means to join and become one with – so once understood on a bodily level – can be
applied to any area whether it be sport, business, relationship or any expression in life.

Also, Aikido is unique that it is based on protecting the attacker and looking after them
through the interaction. This requires one to be in touch with one’s true power based on
mind/body unity. This power is called ‘Ki’. Ki is the energy behind all things. When one’s
mind and body are unified and in harmony, there is an energy that permeates all our
actions, there is an irresistible influence. This is Ki.

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Non Competitive

Sometimes Aikido is called the art of ‘non-resistance’ because to come into contact or to
try an attack, a true master of Aikido is an interesting, if not amazing experience. One is
taken to a place inside where all desire to attack is dissolved.

Like trying to attack the ocean, it is better to let go and flow with its curents. So beyond
the martial art, Aikido becomes the way of flowing with natures’ forces to turn one’s life
into a state of flow.


Self Victory

The first victory of Aikido is called ‘Self-Victory’ and includes the study of centering and
connecting to our deeper self to bring the master within ourself out, to be comfortable in
all situations or interactions be it in daily life or with 4 or 5 opponents coming to attack.

The other victory that Aikido emphasises is ‘victory through being in alignment with one’s
true path or destiny’. Training then is a way of creating positive momentum and clarity
towards one’s true purpose in life.

Training in Aikido develops aerobic fitness, deep suppleness, flexibility (core strength),
ground, balance and much more. It becomes a way of bringing out the spiritual warrior
within oneself in a positive, serious, yet joyful and relaxed atmosphere of natural support.

Above all, it is about training to live life to the full – full of adventure, harmony and peace.

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 Posted on : September 29, 2015