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Peter Hons is a speaker, trainer and therapist in Aiki traditional disciplines and healing
arts that are virtually lost in most parts of the world today. He has trained in Ki, Aikido
and the Aiki Healing Arts for over 25 years.

He has spent almost 20 years presenting the benefits of these principles to corporations,
tertiary institutions and health professionals/organisations throughout NSW.


Shin Sen

means “free person”. Another translations is “conscious being” or one who
has awakened their inner most abilities and life power (ki).

Shin Sen Dojo

was founded in Sydney, Australia in 1981, by Ken McLean Sensei, after
intensive research and training in various ki energy arts. He came upon
the original stream (ryu) or source of mind and body disciplines and healing
arts called ‘Shin Sen Do’ in Japanese.


Peter Hons

has trained and instructed intensively in Ki, Aikido and a wide range of Aiki
Healing Arts under Ken McLean Sensei in Sydney, Australia for 25 years.

He ran Shin Sen Dojo in the Blue Mountains for a number of years until
moving to and founding Shin Sen Dojo in Tamworth NSW in 2000.

He has presented to and trained individuals, corporations, tertiary institutions
and other health professionals in Sydney and Regional areas in NSW, Australia.

All Shin Sen Arts are centred around the unification and development of body,
mind and spirit. The principal factor in this process is the cultivation and the
refinement of ki (energy).

Peter Hons – Phone: 0421 111 532

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 Posted on : September 29, 2015